natural, noble, pure

...linen characteristic can be described with many words...

It's a synonym of the classical, time-less elegance. Nowadays, when we all try to create circumstances for a healthy lifestyle, the linen cloths fulfills all demands and is a symbol of tradition, love for beauty and life in harmony with nature.

The essential property of linen


Thanks to its specific texture linen is one of the most durable and resistant to wear and stretch fibres. Time doesn't have a negative influence on the shape and appearance of the fabric and the frequent washing makes its more and more soft and delicate to the touch.


Physiological characteristics of linen, pleasantly cool in high temperature while in winter protects us from cold. Linen fibres have the highest absorbance (from all fibres), even after 20% water absorption give the impression of dryness.


Linen shows anti bacterial properties. It doesn't cause irritation or allergy, creates a very good microclimate for skin, it doesn't electrify itself and it's airy.


The linen cloth is fully biodegradable and waste-free. The fibres don't contain the heavy metals and it's free for the human body from other harmful additions.



The linen cloth loves water and isn't afraid of high temperature. It can be washed in a washing machines, except for very delicate linen. In this case it should be gently hand washed. The ideal temperature of washing is 30 - 40 degrees. Chlorine bleach must be avoided.


Tumble dryers are not recommended. It reduces linen's life and may cause permanent visible damage, difficult to iron out even mechanically.


To avoid shiny effect linen should be ironed on the reverse side or through another material. If you don't wish to have an ironed finish, simply hang the washed cloth on hanger, next gently stretch the fabric. However if an immaculate outfit is required slightly damp material and iron it.

Following our advice, you can be sure that 100 percent linen will not pill and serve you for many years. Linen is the most durable fabric, it is resistant to high temperatures, sunlight and water.

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