Our butique

The Gallery of Kashubian Art is a unique place in Gdansk. You will find there the true mood of Kashuby. You will find a wide range of amazing products such as: hand made items for daily use (table clothes, table runners, kitchen towels), linen clothing (dresses, jackets, tops, shirts), hand made linen dolls beautifully dressed up, wooden sculptures, china cups, jugs, plates with Kashubian motives

The vast majority of our products are made by us, some are created by local artists who live in the region. Our Gallery is part of Kashuby in the heart of Gdansk. Our aim is to promote this region and to preserve its unique cultute and art.

We invite you to get to know our special place and what it has to offer..


Monday - Friday


Saturday - Sunday


Ul. Św. Ducha 48, 80-834 Gdańsk

+48 503-005-978

Konto bankowe: 32 1440 1345 0000 0000 0483 2191